Don’t just have a hero but be the hero

I have an addiction, it is called Youtube. Yes, I make sure Google stays profitable, maybe one day I can go work for them. So I have a few heros in the triathlon scene. I do watch a lot of their videos online when they race or when they train. But it does not just stay there, when I go out on my run, I imagine being Crowie running and try to mimic his style. When I see Chris Lieto swimming, I imagine him being me and doing the swim. Its good to record yourself so that you have a reference. This I did with swimming and running and now when I am my hero I can see myself from the outside and how I swim or run. This allows me to make the right adjustments.

When looking back at this post, it starts justifying buying a GoPro camera …. Hmmmmm …. attention flips to Amazon … to be continued.

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