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San Antonio marathon, not to be under estimated

The good thing about the states is that you have lots of races. If one gets cancelled you have the option to divert to another one. Messes up the training plan but it is possible. I eventually signed up for … Continue reading

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Wachau Race Report

It was a perfect day for running. One could not have asked for the better conditions. Basically no wind, a cool temperature and some great atmosphere. Getting up early was the only big concern as I had to drive to … Continue reading

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NYC Marathon. The goal that is work in progress for 4 years.

I played the lotto faithfully very year and this year I have a guaranteed entry to the NYC Marathon. Flights are booked. Claimed the bade and now the preparation is starting. The Ironman training will be put on Ice until … Continue reading

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My Mozart100 UltraMarathon Challenge

Probably the best race I ran. It was perfectly organized, which is amazing for an event that was held for the 1st time, and they already started with the organization of the event next year. We where lucky with the … Continue reading

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