San Antonio marathon, not to be under estimated

The good thing about the states is that you have lots of races. If one gets cancelled you have the option to divert to another one. Messes up the training plan but it is possible. I eventually signed up for the San Antonio marathon. I was out visiting friends here and it just happened to be that weekend after NYC. I changed flights, signed up and ran it. Not an easy one.

The race atmosphere was awesome and it was great to have my best friend encourage me, even running parts with me, where my brain gave up and I was doing a slow trot, aka walking. I received hints and tips the previous week on how to tackle it. The back leg of the race is lonesome, hilly and not easy. I tried to conserve my energy, but my heart rate shot up to 170 -172 in the first half, i tried to control it. The last half was where I suffered. The heat and humidity was a little challenge. Each aid station had its ritual. Hat off, cup of water inside, drink water, water over head and neck and one last sip of water. Tried to keep my core temperature down.

This was also my first miler. I wrote my splits on miles and it worked out well. They did have every 5km a km sign. So that worked out perfect.

At mile 19 to 20 is where I had an internal fight eventually walking the mile. After that it was pretty much survival and working in the distance doing a walking and running combo. I did finish in 3:30:15. Which is okay. The main part was hanging out with William and getting to enjoy the city.
I also did not do all the pre race preparations I am accustomed to, and rather enjoyed Rudy’s BBQ, beers and wedding cakes with Tracy, William and Emily.

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