Ironman 70.3 World champs my most painful moment

To start of I must say. The Ironman 70.3 world championship must be one of the best and greatest experiences in my life. It’s been an event that carried all the emotions known possible. What am experience and definitely would so it again. So to start:

I drove up from Montreal very early Friday morning. Plan was to meet up with friends go for a swim and do the registration. The drive up was uneventful. Snail pace 100km/h on a highway.

Arrived in mont tremblant pretty early and already felt the ironman vibe. How amazing that an entire town and community transformed and supported all these events. You can feel the passion. The bike course was better tarred than the normal highway.

We did our warm up swim in a super clean, beautiful, nice and just perfect temperature lake. Wow reminds me of Austria/ northern Italy.


Registration was busy. Interesting that they took our weight and no one was able to say why. But in the end I figured it out. Unfortunately during the wrong reason.

The town and atmosphere was fantastic and everyone there is nice, friendly and helpful. Spend way to much money at the ironman shop. But hey you only there once.

Met up with some South Africans at the opening event. They should have reduced the speeches and should have kept it all in one language {English}. It is an international event.

Was nice to have the Saturday kinda off no rushing around to get registered etc. Packed my transitions bags. Broke my valves on my tires twice. Took it to the shop to fix. All good. Did a small ride and run and dinner/carbo load with friends.

Excitement was building and the nervous were staring to niggle. Watch “any given Sunday” and went to bed fairly early. Woke up a couple of times but slept ok. Up early, run, breakfast and coffee. Out early to transition. Get all sorted and ready to rumble.

After ogling the pros bikes, we hit the beach. A few fly overs by a fighter jet and warmed up in water that was 20 degrees vs 7 degrees outside. Loved it.

Gun shot went off and my age group swam. Sighting was easy buoys all the way. A bit of bumping and touching but not too bad. Out in 35 minutes which is fairly ok. Long run into transition.

Out on the bike and that is were everything went south. I was adjusting my shoes as I got on and lost focus and hit the barrier hard. My entire tri bar shifted and loose. My right thigh burned from pain. Bike mechanic saw what happened. Calmed me down. Got electric tape and cable ties and managed to mcgyver my handle bars. Little bit loose and unstable but manageable. Everyone there was awesome and so supportive. They rocked and I am so grateful for them.

A quick body check and I made sure nothing is broken. Few bruises and on huge mother of a bruise on the thigh. All I can think of is to finish the race.

Hit the bike course in pain. Every pedal stroke hurt. Standing on hills was the worst. Everyone was flying passed me.

But what a beautiful and fast bike course. Would love to do it again. Road surface was amazing. On the highway back in you can sit on your tt’s and just smoothly nail it back. Even the last 20k up and down was fantastic.

My worries was the run. Pain was manageable if you don’t have pounding force. Getting of the bike I felt it and I just had to bite through. Strategy turned into a finish it at all cost and don’t give up. I slowed my pace down to a shuffle and ran. No walking was the mission. 1st lap done with Hennie morally supporting me for a bit. Club mates are the best. Second lap I knew that when I am out all I had to do is run back home. At 15k I started a bit of a walk. Had to push and motivate myself. Each aid station I grabbed ice to shove down my pants on my leg.

The last 1km I started to tear up and the emotions if finishing got ahold of me and I was crying over the finish line.


Earned the biggest medal ever and was so proud of myself for biting through. Got my priorities in gear and focused on food 1st then medic tent.

At the medic tent the nurses weighed me again. Ah now we know to evaluate fluid loss during a race when someone is severely dehydrated. I only lost 2 pounds.

The nurses were uber friendly and the best. Made sure I am comfy. Got me drinks and chatted with me. Doc Philippe came and congratulated me and started diagnosing. Luckily nothing broken just one huge mother of a bruise. ITB’s are cool and ice was needed for the swelling.


Got discharged and was able to hop away in glory.

Will I do it again. Hell yeah. I have never experienced such a fast race and I just love it want to be part of it. Need to up the training. The pain threshold can handle a lot I learned. Now and the body to work harder.

Loving it ……

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2 Responses to Ironman 70.3 World champs my most painful moment

  1. Tim says:

    Wow! The first to write congrats… 🙂 Glad you made it, even with the little scratch. My daugther had bigger ones… 🙂
    No, really, happy you enjoyed it. Awesome.

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