Lots of change

It’s been a very long time and lots of things happened since my last post. It’s been a reallllly long time. 

My 2014 ended and things went a bit downhill. I needed a break and it was good to sit back a bit and not take things too serious. Had a great skiing vacation, went up Kilimanjaro in January 2015 and enjoyed good wine. I tried the odd race here and there and of course suffered due to lack of training and motivation. Work also needed some attention and I focused on that a bit. 

However September 2015 was when life took a turn for the good again. The decision was made to get back in shape and pack the Bulls by the horns. At that time 3T cycling offered the ambassadorship for their wheels and in december Irulan received a new set of shoes that she loves.

I did in August 2015 the ironman 70.3 in Durban which was probably my race for the year. I managed to beat my PB but could not duck under the 5 hours. Only had a minute to spare. Should next time pee on the bike instead of stopping.

I went to the world champs slot allocation and received a slot for the world champs 70.3 in Oz Sunshine Coast. Setting myself up for a great 2016.

December vacation was awesome with my love and partner Jennifer. We cycled the wine lands and ran the beach promenade in Cape Town. Of course we drank enough wine too.

In January 2016 things became real and the decision was made to sign up with a coach. I signed up with Raynard Tissink. It’s been an experience in itself. One that saw me doubling my training hours a week and being more consistent. One rest day every 3rd week and trusting the process.

It is paying off the coaching and I already notice and feel changes. I am super excited to race but that will only happen in May. 

So this is my year and I am making it a big one. 

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