Touch down Montreal – #IM70.3WC

So yesterday I arrived safely and with a few dollars less in my pocket in Montreal. Traveling with a bike can get unexpectedly expensive. The flight was fairly okay as long flights could be. I am glad I did a Lufthansa flight and not via Dubai as that would have just eaten up so much more time.   

So last week the excitement started and I started with the initial packing. I got all my stuff together before the weekend and when it came to loading my bike into the bike box I was so out of it I forgot how to do it. At least after taking a break and having some dinner I was able to figure it out again. I arrived at the airport with 7kg’s overweight …. darn should have loaded more in my hand luggage. That cost me a few extra $ ….. Arrived in Montreal with a slight panic attack when I was not able to find my bike at the Oversized luggage area. Luckily there are two areas and if I only read the sign I would have spared myself from running around like a crazy headless chicken trying to find it. In the end all good, until ….. packing the rental car. Got an upgrade to a midsize car … .yay …. except it is a Ford …. no ….. with seats that fold down ….. yay …. but the space between the seats is to narrow and my bike box does not slip through ….. no. Oh well have to do another upgrade to a mini van …. Mazda this time … no … were are all the german engineering cars. That cost me another arm and a leg. 

Got to the hotel and checked in. Went for a small run in the CBD. Good for sight seeing, luckily only to loosen up the legs and frequent stops at traffic lights were annoying but not an issue. Today I will try and hit the park or at least along the river.  

Montreal is a big city, lots of different cultures, has a bit of an American feeling to it but everyone speaks french with an American twang. 

So today I will do some sight seeing, will have run and a steak. Bed early and tomorrow morning will hit the road to Mont Tremblant. Can’t wait to get there to go see the course and swim, bike and run.






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4 Responses to Touch down Montreal – #IM70.3WC

  1. tswitala says:

    Hahah funny man. See you in Austria next week

  2. Danny Laviolette says:

    Hope you are ok ? And your bike too ? I helped you after your crash

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