Wrapping up 2012 and going into the off season

Its been a great year competing. When I look back, I feel proud about the goals I set and achieved. Not only did I manage to go further and faster, but also I fell in love with a childhood dream.

I did more than I normally would, which pushed me to another level. I used to be a 3 – 4 marathon a year person. This year I proved I can do more and be smart about it. I am lucky to be injury free and I am glad that I improved form, physique and mental strength.

Like any season it had it lows and that is life. One conquers them and learns from it. NYC marathon was the biggest blow, but we can not control nature yet.

The journey this year took me to some great races.

Tel Aviv marathon – awesome atmosphere. Great to be a coach and work with my buddy Tim and my friends Maggie and Alma who ran together

Vienna City Marathon – broke my PB by a minute. Learned a lot about what not to do in a race. Enjoyed presenting South Africa as a friendship runner

VCM 1/2 marathon – fast and furious, great build up

Mozart100 – my 1st 100k run. Awesome experience, with mental strength

Ironman 70.3 Zell am see – my new love. Swimming and Biking. Learned how to swim properly thanks to Paola within 3 months. Did 5h02 maiden triahtlon/ironman and can’t stop thinking and looking for the next race

Wachau 1/2 – great pace in the beginning, overcome mental strength again in the last 3 km and bolted for the finish line. Close to a PB but a great fast run at 1:26:24

Night Run – It is only a 5k, but posting a 18:04 on the race was a great PB. What did I learn … dont eat half a chicken for lunch.

NYC marathon substituted in the end by San Antonio – supported by my best and longest friend William and his wife Tracy

So now its good to take 2-3 week break, enjoy my beer and grub. Hang out with friends and take a body vacation, before the next build starts. 2013 season will be epic … Watch this space!

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