New York Marathon – cancelled

It was a blow to me when I heard the New York Marathon was cancelled. The blow was mostly on a crushed hope of being in the best shape of my life and being really prepared to have a good race. I do have a biased view as a participant and 4 years of working towards it and a good year of preparation was destroyed in the last minute.

I feel really sorry and sad for all the people who where affected by the hurricane. If the organisers said on Tuesday or Wednesday we will not go on, then I would have accepted it and I would have supported it. But they did create a false sense of hope. I would not have cancelled my trip, but I would have at least rearranged some of my plans. But to cancel it after saying the show must go on, two days in advanced and when 40’000 athletes already arrived in NY is very poor of them. It was an epic fail that Bloomberg made for himself and for the organising committee.

Now, after the emotions have passed and new plans are hatched, I feel better about it. Yes the water and the power bars are better used helping those in need. Yes the potter potties and generators are better used in the areas badly affected. Also running a marathon is more about the spectators and the support you receive from the audience. I remember being in NY in 2009 watching the race and going for dinner with all participants proudly wearing their medals. This year that atmosphere would have been gone. Which creates spirit and identity in a marathon. So the decision to cancel was in the end the right one but too late.

So next year it looks like I will try my best to be back. Lets see how it will work out. But for now I think I need to put my year of effort to good use and maybe run the Florence Marathon at the end of the month.

But for now, I will enjoy a beer, eat huge portions of american food and spend good time with my friends in the states.



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