Wachau Race Report

It was a perfect day for running. One could not have asked for the better conditions. Basically no wind, a cool temperature and some great atmosphere. Getting up early was the only big concern as I had to drive to Krems to catch the bus to the start at 8:00. I was in racing mode already on the freeway, I hope there where no cameras. Race start was only at 10:00 and it was nice just to relax and warm-up for those two hours before the start.

I calculated my splits and as always started out to fast. The plan was to run  negative splits, but I think I suffer on an adrenalin-takes-over-normal-brain function syndrome. I latched on to a group of runners that where running a good pace. I was able to keep up with them for the 1st 11km, before letting them go. Which I think was a good idea to hold a bit back between km 11 and 16. I forgot my pulse meter at home. I would have loved to see my heart rate.

The idea was to run at make 156 bpms. I did an LT test the other day to see where my LT is. I warmed up for 15min and then did a fast run for 30 mins and measuring my lap results for the last 20min. The average heart rate of the last 20min is my LT. Which in this case was 173bpm.  My Zone 3 should between 152-162bpms.

The last few k’s where awesome though. This is where I knew I had much more in me and was able to pick-up the pace again. The last 2km snaking through Krems with the spectators motivating you everywhere, where a bit surreal. I really put everything into my legs and tried to push it as much as possible. And it was possible.

I finished the race in 1:26:07.

What did I learn and what would I change:

  1. Try and not go out too fast.
  2. In the middle stage I was playing some mental games. Last night I read an article by Macca on the mental games and when he gets tired he starts with distractions. Example Focus on breathing or count your steps. I think I will focus on counting my strides.
  3. Remember my heart rate monitor.
  4. Running in a group helps a lot. But also take some lead in the front.
  5. Today my calves hurt, ice them as quickly as possible.
  6. Enjoy the race, like I did that day.

I was also debating with Lisa on Friday when it is appropriate to wear a dry-fit collar shirt that you get at an Ironman (which I think is much cooler than stacking up a heap of dry-fit running shirts, I have enough of those already) and here it is:

After marathon at a Heurige drinking a Sturm!

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