Born Free – The last push

A few years ago my buddy Tim decided to run the Vienna Marathon. The idea was born and this year we turned it into reality. He decided last year also to do it for a good cause and we all jumped on board to support the Born Free organization that he and Alma where supporting for sometime now. They adopted a cheetah and a lion and this was before Yael was born, so now they are supporting a cheetah, a lion and their own little cute monkey at home.

We started a fund raising page Why did we listen to thomas  So please click on it and hit the donate button and leave a few Euros behind for a good cause.

You will also see that it did not stop there at just the Vienna Marathon but also we entered a few other races and he did two Marathons in one season. Pretty impressive for someone who only started training for long distance running, last year November.

The fund raising will end soon after my NYC marathon and it would be good to at least get a few more EURO/Dollars/Sea Shells or any acceptable currency.

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