Little things add up

Yesterday was a good work out day 17 July 2012. First time again on the road after a few days traveling. But I do recommend doing short, light exercises even if it is a recovery week and you are away. I did nothing and I think I will pay for it.

Training log: Morning Run

Got up nice and early. Did a few minutes of warm up and then I tried to push a tempo run

  • Distance:9km
  • Time: 00:42:35
  • Average pace: 4:40
  • Heart rate: Still no new battery, but today I bought one for my strap

The afternoon though was exceptional. This is where I noticed that little things do add up. I was surprised at the improvement on the bike ride, even in windy conditions, with a negative and positive affect.

The changes that I made that contributed

  • Raised my seat by 2cm – I think I am actually pushing much more power into my pedals and extending my legs more. Previously I felt like I was slipping from my seat, now I can actually sit back a bit more and also keep my foot pointing down a bit more at an angle.
  • Moved my cleats more backwards
  • Had the bike shop adjust my gears – I was not able to ride the bike gear in the front with a proper sit in the smaller gears at the back. So now I am pushing a better gear ratio. Its a new bike and it takes time to iron out little things
  • Being more comfortable on the bike, taking turns a bit faster than before and leaning into the corners better and doing a better gear selection.
  • Coming out of a recovery week.
  • Morning run to get the legs pumping.

So what did I notice: It was a windy day with a front and cross-front wind at the start. Normally I think I would have pushed here 25km/h or less. From the get go I was above 30km/h and pushing I think an average of 31km/h in those conditions. When the wind was head on it was tough though and I reduced to snail pace, but that was obvious.

The ride back was wonderful, with speeds above 40km/h and looking at my watch I was sitting at a pace probably around 37-39km/h. Obviously helped by a nice back wind. Would love to test the ride now in less windier conditions.

Training log: Afternoon Ride

  • Distance: 30km
  • Time: 00:56:15
  • Average speed: 32km/h
  • Max speed: 49km/h

Also ordered a Cadence meter, should be here this week and want to start testing my RPM’s

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