The 5k mile stone

It is a proud moment in my life. I reached the 5,1km milestone today. This happened by mistake. My training program was suppose to be shorter, but somehow an extra 600m slipped in. I decided then to push the limit and do everything. I am extremely happy about it.

Towards the end I also felt my style really klicking into place. I swam relaxed and slow, but kept my shoulders rotating, stretching and gliding. It is that “being in the zone” feeling I get from running. I would love to see a video on those lengths.

Also since last week wednesday my intensity in swimming increased. I am now doing much shorter breaks and some lengths I am pushing it in Zone 4. Its a real good feeling afterwards, a sense of accomplishment mixed with endorphins.

Sunday will be long openwater swim to gauge my time on the swimming leg. Looking forward to it.

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