The New York Marathon

In 2009 I hatched a plan to run the NYC marathon. I was in NY at that time and the atmosphere around the event was awesome. I could not qualify for that race, but enjoyed seeing athletes proudly walking around at night, dressed up with their medals on.

I religiously played the lotto and tried beating the 2:55 clock for qualifying. This year I received my guaranteed entry and finally I am on my way.

Unfortunately the east coast was hit by a terrible disaster. Sandy the hurricane brought wide scale damage to the city, 5 days before the event. The risk was there that the race would be cancelled. Mayor Bloomberg in true American spirit declared that the race would go on in memory of those that died, suffered and where affected. I am in two minds about this. It is good to jump back, but I would like to have a guarantee that resources like police, fire brigade are not tied up managing the event, instead of assisting those in need.

I saw a request for more volunteers and effort will not be diverted. Also fund raising will be done and the city normally benefits in financial resources of all the people coming there. Something that they need more now than before.

So my mind is made up, I think its a good thing to do, even from a biased point of view.

I am looking forward to it, but now I still need to tick of the miles between Vienna and the East Coast.

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