Change of plans BDT

I changed my plans from the long run too a confidence booster. I read in an article to do a Big Day Training 3 weeks to your race. Today that happened.

It started of with a 5k swim in wetsuit. The 1st 100 laps where a drag. But I swam them without rest. Pace was a bit slow, especially because a kid lapped me the lane next to me. The 2nd 100 laps where much better. I still need to analyze my pace, but they felt faster, plus I think my time was better. Need to check.

I jumped in my car and drove to broadacers. Also had the chance to swap a tube. Slow puncher in the rear, but again good practice. We then road a 120k loop. Pace was good, wind was strong and I looked like a tri-geek. I tried to nail my nutrition down. I also did it now I would do in a race. Taping energy bars and gu to the bike. It all work perfectly.

Back at the car a quick shoe change. Also had some caffeine stuff I received from the bike shop. I tried to load my stomach with lots of water and energy stuff. Again a simulation that could happen and I need to learn to deal with it. The run was good. I felt stong and confident. With better nutrition more regular and hydration I will kick ass on the run.

So it was a big day as a “try” Athlon. I tried my gear, nutrition and some race day strategy. I now feel much more confident to have a good race end of June. The tapering starts now. Keep sessions intense but short. Some speed work and gym work with high reps low weights.

Can’t wait for the race. I am super stoked and excited

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