Sweat for a good cause

The response normally to the statement “We will do 9 hours on the bike” is normal confusion and admiration. “Why would you do it?”. My answer is “Why not?” if it is for a good cause.

This weekend will be the Cyclethon at Melrose Arch. It is a yearly event raising funds for a good cause. You can book your time and do 1 hour or 9 hours. So it was decided to go for 9 hours. There a people out there that are suffering a much bigger and permanent pain. Why settle for 1 hour if you can do 9 hours. The pain and exhaustion we will experience is limited and is worth every fund raised.  It is also not just the fund raising but creating the awareness and getting people to talk about it. Even if it is “My crazy friend is cycling for 9 hours for a good cause” as a statement that gets spread around. So when you read this you need to tell at least 9 people about it, or else ……..

It is not only the  Cyclethon fund raiser for The Smile Foundation and for Hospice. Jennifer started an entire fund raise for Uel Maree and a lot of energy is being poured into raising funds for Uel by creating awareness through sweating it out. Who is Uel …. I think it is better for you to visit the webpage. https://www.facebook.com/sweat4uel


We want your support. So open your hearts and make a donation and spread the word.

I will keep you posted. I think within 9 hours there is also a lot to think and a lot to write about.

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