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Road to recovery and staying sane

You could tell me anything and I will do it, if it helps with getting back racing again. This is a triathlete crutch. You can tell them anything to enhance their performance and they will try it. It’s early in … Continue reading

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Need a new goal and name change

So Ironman Klagenfurt is done and dusted. The aura is fading and a new goal for next year should come in the next few weeks. Don’t know where to start with that one. Any suggestions? One I have is to … Continue reading

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The mystery behind the broken toe ….

Yesterday I finally went to the Doctor. I took an appointment at the Rosebank Center for Sport Medicine and Orthopedics. What a great place. Physios running around and lots of Sport Memorabilia hanging of the wall. I felt at home. … Continue reading

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A breakthrough followed by a DNF at 5150 Bela-Bela

Yesterday was the 5150 Bela Bela race. It’s a non drafting Olympic distance race. 1.5km swim, 40k bike and 10k ride. There was a big build up to the race. The entire Troi club worked in the training hours together. … Continue reading

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Solving the constant hunger and avoid sleeping under my desk

Reading and research helps a lot. Except if you are so tired at night that you can not focus on the pages. But I have taken some steps to heart, reading comments from the pro athletes and researching some dietary … Continue reading

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A smooth and emotional event – Ironman Austria race report

Firstly I would like to dedicated this event to my parents. Doing something like this shows you the fighting spirit we as Switala’s have. My mom is currently beating cancer and my endurance on the course is something I have … Continue reading

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Checked-in and ready on an awesome spot

Checked-in and ready for tomorrow. Plus I have an awesome spot for transition bags and bike stand. Right at the edge. Number 1051. Today started with an early swim. Registration and briefing. I late brunch consisting of pasta and and … Continue reading

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Lots of oxygen

Did a quick run on my old route in Vienna. A nice 6k run around the ring. Doing this I just realised what a big effect the altitude has. Joburg being 1500-1600m above sea level is a great place to … Continue reading

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Nutrition plan plus 10 600kJ

Currently the nutrition plan is in its works. I have with me plus 10 600kJ that needs to be consumed Day before plan I will start with a huge breakfast. Bacon, eggs etc No Fiber. Followed by huge pasta lunch … Continue reading

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Hitting the airport gym

I had mixed feeling when I 1 st read about airport gyms. I had more a disbelieve they exist. But true and behold they are out there. Dubai, LA, San Fran, Zurich, Munich etc and they are awesome. I did … Continue reading

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