Road to recovery and staying sane

You could tell me anything and I will do it, if it helps with getting back racing again. This is a triathlete crutch. You can tell them anything to enhance their performance and they will try it.

It’s early in the race season and I am still have a broken 3rd metatarsal. On the road to recovery from the injury I am trying everything.

I upt my input of calcium, magnesium and bit d3. I drink a protein shake daily. I wear a storm trooper boot to stabilize it. Surprisingly I started yoga.

It was always on my mind. I know my flexibility is really bad. I felt embarrassed doing my flexibility test in the vitality fitness assessment. I just never got around it.

Now I started with yoga and I am surprised how cool it is. It’s brikam yoga, which is hot. It reminded me getting of the plane in Mexico in 2009 after a cold European winter and I went. “This is where I feel at home. Hot and humid” love it.

I do feel how it will help with getting a bit more flexibility in my body. I also enjoy getting some of the toxins out of my body, but then again I sweat enough doing cardio. I also enjoy feeling as cool and chilled as a surfer dude … It just relaxes me. I am pretty hyper and the last couple of days I was just on a different station.

So a few more classes lets see if I can strike better poses

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