Solving the constant hunger and avoid sleeping under my desk

Reading and research helps a lot. Except if you are so tired at night that you can not focus on the pages. But I have taken some steps to heart, reading comments from the pro athletes and researching some dietary recommendations for triathletes.

I used to have a major fatigue problem. Especially after doing a big session in the pool. It also lead to having an unsolvable hunger and I had to devour a huge quantity of food just to see the end of the day. Sometimes the space between my desk and the floor looked inviting and I wished I brought a duvet to work. Reminds of George in Seinfeld though …..

George sleeping under desk

The last couple of times I experimented with what I read and what the pro’s do. I used to go swimming or running on an empty stomach. I thought I still had enough energy left from last night to keep me going. I read dietary needs of a pro per day in interviews and all of them have something small to eat, before they even start. “Time to try it too”

Was this the missing formula to the recipe of a successful day. I do think so and have tried it now for a couple of months. I will have a small breakfast before I leave for my swim session. A bowl of muesli with some banana on top. After the swim I will still have a bagel to top up the carbs. Doing this has been a revelation and a break through. I don’t suffer constant fatigue from the training and I also don’t have a raging hunger.

Small things that have a huge impact on the entire day …..


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