Nutrition plan plus 10 600kJ

Currently the nutrition plan is in its works. I have with me plus 10 600kJ that needs to be consumed


Day before plan
I will start with a huge breakfast. Bacon, eggs etc No Fiber.
Followed by huge pasta lunch later the afternoon
Light dinner to sleep well
Carbo load mixture

Race day
Early up for breakfast. Oats honey and easy to digest banana with a nice cup of coffee. Oh and peanutbutter
Before the race starts a cherry flavoured gel with some diluted energy drink
After swim another cherry flavoured hydro gel

On the bike
Caffeinated energy mix in one bottle. Isomix in the other and water in the third and bladder on bike
Hydrate as quickly as possible. Pee on the bike if needed. If the pros do it then so should I. šŸ™‚
3 x powerbars for bike
3 x caffeinated energy gel
4 x energy gels
6 x salt sticks
1 bag jelly babies as a reward

On the run
2x energy bars
5x energy gels
1 bag jelly babies
4 x salt sticks

Protein shake
2x protein bar
And whatever I feel like eating in excess

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