Seeking professional help and realizing I am a hunchback

I went to seek professional help. But it’s not the one my friends always recommend after I tell them my training logs. That might come later when I am convinced myself that I am crazy, for now I just have a healthy obsessive compulsive disorder that I manage.

So back to the point. I needed a new change on the bike. The long rides where getting increasingly painful especially when I ride on my aero bars. I already saw a future with kids that have stump nosed faces like bulldogs. I rode into the tri shop a few weeks ago and ISM saddles where brought to my attention. I decided the right time to do a change is now, especially if I am planning to log lots of miles on the bike in the next few weeks. I also decided on a professional bike fitting.

I probably can recommend the fitting as being the most important thing on the bike. Forget about fancy gear, get your bike fitted professionally.
I tried out the ISM and fitted the bike the same time. What I did not notice is how hunched I am on the bike. After a long ride normally my shoulders hurt especially in between the blades.

I did not notice it but the fitter with a tap of finger on my back relaxed me. He asked me if I was aware of it but now I am. Also my aero was too compact and he shifted my reach further away. Walla on the ride yesterday I realized I needed to relax. My hips are more open. Plus I think my kids will have noses again. It still hurts in some places but I read one will get used to it. Lets see, next weekend I need too clock the full distance.

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