Life turned upside down …. Literally

It’s been awhile since the last blog, but I do have a good excuse. Last year the sun was still shining in the south and this year my orientation changed again with the sun being north. I made a big move and left Europe for sunnier and warmer home, South Africa. It’s been more than 8 years now and it feels good to be back. Life is a bit disconnected, due to super slow expensive bandwidth and also a bit interrupted living out of a suit case and with limited stuff. The rest of my things are bobbing on the ocean in a container. I hope to settle in the next few weeks, own roof and own wheels.

The other plus side is training. A bit different to Europe. 50m hillcrest swimming pool = luxury and funny tan line. Don’t swim in the sun with a cap. You will have a red face with a white top. Also sun screen on your back legs is important, especially if you have an office job like me. Burned ass is not good.

I also joined a tri club. They have awesome gear, black, red and white. Will join them for training rides as soon as I am closer to joburg.

I also did my 1st race today. A half marathon which was hilly and early. 6 am start. But glad because temperatures are up in the 30’s during the day. Which gives an extra spin in training and would be good for klagenfurt. Especially if they have same temp as last year. Training in hot weather at 1400m altitude must be beneficial.

So, slowly things are normalizing again …

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