Bird of a feather, train together

Last night I had the opportunity to hang out with some musicians. It was a very interesting evening, with lots of self reflection. The musicians/artist where networking with each other and I thought to myself …. Do I sound like that when I meet other athletes. It is great to see their passion and their ” healthy obsessive compulsive” behavior.

It opened up a new world for me that I knew existed but never had the real opportunity to peak inside. It also showed me that there are lots of commonality between the two worlds. The processes are the same, just the content is different. I was probably naive and thought when you are a singer then you just rock up on stage and sing. But then to hear all the daily trainings that they have to do, it’s like stretching or condition training for an athlete. Also after taking a break / off season, then one needs to easily train and get back into shape. Train you muscles or in this case your vocal cords.

It is sharing a passion and talking about it 90% of the time, the training to be better and then of course the performance or doing the race, but also being attracted to like minded people and building meaningful relationships around it.

If I keep my eyes open I probably will see it in other fields too, there is probably an extreme knitting group that has healthy OCD.

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