I am a sucker for training recommendations. If someone tells me that (quote CA) “your performance will improve if you eat a bunch of jelly babies and stand on your head” then I would do it. But that is the beauty in it all, doing the research and getting exposed to different peoples opinions and tricks. Then trying it out and keeping the ones that work for you. Plus personalizing them for you.

So where does Sharkweek come from. 1st its my own label I assigned to it. Stolen from Discovery Channels or NatGeo Channel, who love to scare people by showing them Shark documentaries for a week. I am sure the insomnia / nightmares ratio increases. I just used it as a cool name to represent lots of time in the pool. I read one needs to do it, and block a big section of pool time during your training period. Why?

It is a time where you spend lots of time in the water. You swim and correct and do technique and with out any delay repeat and fix and do it again. It is about building the muscle memory. To have the shortest amount of time between sessions to get the muscles and the body to understand what you are doing.

This week is sharkweek for me, with some breaks in between. I started on Saturday with a 4k session. Part of it is also a 1k time trial to get a base time. This was semi successful, my problem is loosing concentration and not remembering how many laps I did. This is the main excuse I am developing for myself to justify buying the new Forerunner 910xt.  This I did in 19m21s.  Sunday I snowboarded – justifiable in winter. Monday was rest. Tuesday 3k, Wednesday 1,75k.  A nice relaxing 1 hour massage on Wednesday. This was needed and appreciated to get the knots out of my back and shoulder. Thursday again a 3k session. Friday is still to come, lets see and then we done with sharkweek.

What did I learn so far? It feels like my stroke is improving. I feel I get into the rhythm much quicker. A massage needs to become weekly routine. Swimming makes you sleep like a baby.  Drink cold water and try to stay cool after the swim, to stay awake. Don’t drink a hot beverage, else the space under your office desk becomes a tempting cradle. Drink low fat chocolate milk to refuel. And enjoy the session, which I do, I actually look forward to them.


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