33 the numbers game

I have to repeat it again. This year was awesome. It also was a numbers game for me. The big number that came up was 3. I think 3 is my new lucky number and I will look at life in that perspectives.

So what happened

  1. 6 Dec 1978 – I was born. This meant for the 2012 season I was 33 years old
  2. I did my first triathlon / 70.3 Ironman. Again tri = 3
  3. My race number was 333
Thomas Switala Finish Ironman Zell am See

Thomas Switala Finish Ironman Zell am See

Also on the topic of Ironman’s. Ironman also celebrated its 33 year anniversary and the maiden race was done in 1978.  So now I am addicted to buying everything that has Ironman 1978 written on it.


Its been good and it only gets better. I am really looking forward to the next coming months. Big changes expected and exciting changes happening. Will keep you posted.



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2 Responses to 33 the numbers game

  1. Tim says:

    Well, then happy birthday from the three of us! I wish you a threesome.

  2. Alma says:

    Hi Birthday Thomas! Wishing you a Christmas three and a Happy New Year! We miss you already!

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