Off season rules

I am kinda still in the off season, but already starting to work towards the Base phase of my training. I will keep this for the next couple of weeks. Lets call it preparation time. For this period I have setup some rules

1) Gain weight – at least 10% more than my current weight. Awesome!!! Who ever thought that this is important. I read some article with a good explanation. If your muscles are heavier you will recruit more neurons and muscle fiber and use more oxygen to work them. As soon as you loose that weight in the race period you have an excess which means your muscles can last longer.  So it will be a Pizza season.

2) No long distances. No Marathons. It is way to cold for those too and I will focus on short intense work outs

3) Swim a lot. Be in the pool at least 3 times a week. To improve technique and it is indoors in a heated environment. Plus I love swimming

4) Strength training. Focus on building muscle. See point 1. Eat a lot and build more strength into the muscles. Especially the core

5) Focus on flexibility. Stretch, stretch and stretch some more

6) Relax and take things not too serious. This will be the difficult one

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2 Responses to Off season rules

  1. Tim says:

    I think I overdid it with point 1…

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