It is this time of year again – Movember

Again this year we attempted!! to grow our mo, or better known our mustaches, for November. It is a good excuse to try and see if it is possible and to have an excuse to look silly and people accepting it. A little bit unsupported in Austria because it is in its infant stages. This year at least we had our own website. but getting people to participate is not the norm.

But it is not just about growing a mo, it is about creating awareness for men’s health. I made an effort this year to 1st comment on how silly I look and then to drive the conversation towards men’s health. Making comments about how important it is for us guys to get checked regular. Prostate cancer is real and it affects younger people too. I hope it sparked some effort in going to see a doctor or planning at least in the near future a check-up. I know I am overdue and need to make the effort.

Movember is also about raising funds and getting people to donate towards cancer and men’s health. Last year funds where raised up to 126 Million USD. Which shows you how popular it is and I am sure, rightly managed, will be put to good use. So please donate to the good cause. Follow the link at the bottom.

Movember 2012 Link

Off course if you open your coffers then I will also post a photo of my mo … so here it is




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