1st Ocean swim

I know it is the off season and one needs to take it easy. But forfeiting the opportunity to swim in the ocean, can not be overlooked. We decided to go down to Croatia for the long weekend. Unfortunately Alma got sick, but that freed up a space in my car for my mountainbike. Tx Alma 🙂

It also meant in true Thomas fashion, I stuck into the trunk my full crate of gear, including my wetsuit. I did a quick scope of the beach last night and found a good entry point. This morning it rained and I dragged out staying in bed for as long as possible. Eventually decided to go for breakfast and was torn to the sea like a moth too a flame. I stripped, wet-suited-up and did a quick swim.

1st time doing an open water swim in the ocean. Body surfing and playing around at sea does not count. Water was a bit choppy but a good lesson. It was good to get the experience and will go back tomorrow again for a longer swim.

I also took the Anirul for a ride. Did not find any mtb tracks, but hiked up a mountain and managed to make it down in one piece. Was quite technical, rocky and ended up face down in a bush on a few occasions. Not the smartest thing to do before a marathon in a week. But who could resists. A few scratches don’t harm anyone.

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