The Hamster – treadmill my new friend

I am not a gym guy. I always classified gym as a hamster on a treadmill. I sign up in winter, do some exercises and then summer arrives. This year it changed, it started with strengthening the core. Trying to get more efficient in the run. My posture is getting better, I can keep my pace for longer.

This week I also learned how to properly use a treadmill. Of all things I thought the treadmills is the most boring thing. Now I found an awesome exercise with a purpose. Yes a treadmill exercise with a purpose. The purpose is to learn better leg over and hoping to learn better speed and cadence.

I do a 10min warm at 3% incline. Then I take my ideal 10k pace and a bit faster. Do 1km sprint at that pace, jump off, rest and repeat 6 times, starting at 0% – 2% incline. Then cool down. The beginning was scary, after awhile you get used to it. The treadmills helps you to get quicker leg turn over which should sift into the muscle memory. Will try this twice a week and see. So far so good.

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