What is your beat per minute?

Sunday I did my last LSD before the NYC marathon. I like the change in letter from S=Slow too S=Steady. I am having a hard time running slow, but steady and at a good pace is the goal. Which made me think. Are we in tune with a certain bpm, a bpm which makes us happy?

I normally don’t run with music, but decided to put on some liquid DnB for the run. I am hooked on Soundcloud these days and found some really nice mixes. I do like DnB as music for working, concentrating/zoning and now also for running. This made me realize that my world is such an awesome place at between 166 – 177 bpms.

This is the tempo of my music and this is the tempo of my heart rate, when I am doing a good work out, like a 30k Long Steady Distance. Coincidental or just plain attraction.

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