Stopped being lazy

One of the ways to beat a clock is to up the intensity. In the past my training was mostly focused on how many miles I can work into a week. Normally catching up on it with a long run on the weekend. I love the short distance races. My favourite is still the half marathon. It was my entry into longish distance races and I am still excited racing one. Why ??? Because you can go really fast over a relative longish distance. You can do it quickly on a Sunday morning and still have the entire afternoon free for other things. You can also do much more of them in the year. I have done a 70.3 Ironman and they have the same feeling. It however does not stop me racing marathons and doing the full distance Ironman.

I started looking at how I can up the performance after Wacchau 1/2 which I ran at a good, fast pace. I have done some self tested LT tests now, I think I have a good idea where my LT is and I started doing much more higher intensity training. Shorter distances, more interval but pushing it close or beyond my LT. So far its been awesome. Just got back from a 10k tempo which I speeded through. So I considered myself lazy in the past and I am going to turn up the intensity in my training.

Yesterday Boji and I also did some video analysis of our run during lunch break. Still to be looked at in depth but the 1st thing I see is that I am leaning a bit too far forward, bunching up my core. Tonight’s tempo run I tried to keep as straight as possible. The placebo or maybe real effect was keeping a speed for longer, maybe it was less fatigue . Don’t know yet still need to experiment a bit.



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