Being Inspired

I always looked at internal motivation to achieve my goals. I was working on that for the last couple of years in the running scene. But that has changed somehow over the last couple of months. There is so much good stuff, and inspirational athletes in the Triathlete scene. Plus the Ironman brand is pushing out so much information and media that you could spend hours on it and always feel like booking the next race or putting on your training gear and going out. This morning I watch the new Ali’i drive video

I have two athletes that I followed closely in the recent months. Macca and Crowie. I read Macca’s book and I am waiting for Crowie’s book to hit the stands. But the video this morning about them and their family and kids is awesome. These two guys just inspire me to be a good athlete and to be a good human. They also inspire me to one day be a good father and roll model when I have kids.

So for now I am inspired to be a good athlete, to give my best and to perform at the best of my capabilities. I hope this will reflect on my friends and colleagues to inspire them and be a good roll model for them.

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