Bikes should have names – say hi to Anirul and Irulan

A bike should have a name. It becomes an extension of your life and you start forming a personal bond with it. Or maybe I am just nuts. Ag well.

I been struggling with a name for my new bike and then decided I will just rename both of them. I delved into my favourite books and decided they will be called Anirul and Irulan. I used the opportunity to baptise them in my bathtub. Actually I was just giving them both a good scrub. Only something you can do when you live on your own. I exchanged the bubblebath for some W40 and chain oil.

Betsy Brown the mountainbike was renamed to Anirul. It is a much cooler name and represents a strong Bene Gesserrit. The new tri bike is called Irulan, because of its beauty.

I love both of my bikes!! Of to go see the shrink now (just kidding)

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