life gets in the way – for a good reason

The last couple of days I did not make any effort to train. Work send me to Denmark, a few late hours in the office and just generally doing other things instead of training. Which I see positively. Next week is the race and I think I needed this break now to reserve and build up the energy for the 26 August. Its good I completely allowed myself to recover now and now I can build up slowly and relaxed to race day.

I went out for a tempo run this evening and I think it had to be the fastest 10k I have ever done. Legs feel good, my heart was pounding a little bit more than what I expected, but I feel I have the fitness and energy build up. The next couple of days will be more focussing on easy programs, keep it light and fast. Think about strategy and double check all my gear.

I should then be set for Race day.

Enjoying the tapering

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