Higher bike cadence affecting higher running cadence

The weekend I was pushing a Brick and started on a 50k bike ride followed by a 10k run. I started off in a higher gear for the 1st few minutes to warm-up and to get out of the city. I then pushed the 1st 25km in a medium gear with a 76 avg cadence. Wind was from the front and speeds where in the low 30s. After the 1st 25k I felt a need to push harder and with a back wind was able to achieve a high cadence averaging above 80s with speeds close to 39km/h, the gear selection was lower than on the way there. I really enjoyed it until my bottle cage snapped off. I think the screws where too tight, can be the only reason. Both screws broke off at the head. Very strange and unexpected. 

I then went into the run and it felt like I was running a much faster pace with less effort. My strides felt shorter but it felt like I had increased my cadence on the run. 

The big question is:

Can you improve your running cadence by cycling at a higher cadence, does the one help the other? I tried reading up but still could not get a clear answer. I think it does. I would love to run a marathon soon to see how my time improves by doing other activities besides running. 

The things I feel improving:

Cycling – better fitness, higher cadence, better Glutes and stronger calve muscles 

Swimming – better fitness, stronger core, visible signs of a six pack forming, mentally achieving new goals

It feels like I am working towards a more all-round fitness and strength in all body parts. One should benefit the other, that is logical. The proof however is in the pudding. Lets see what NY marathon has in store for me.

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