Gear for your mind: I am here to win

Training gear is not only about a bike, shoes, clothing and other cool accessories. Books to me are a vital component, not only training guides but also inspirational books.

I am close to finishing Macca’s “I am here to win”. It has been quite an inspirational read. He is kinda inspiring and there where lots of tips and hints to learn from. Everything from cooling, to hydration, to nutrition and of course his favourite. How to play the mind game.

It is a book like this that wants me to go out and race a race and have fun. This was not the only book that inspired me. Born to run, inspired me to change my running style and it shaved off a good 40 minutes on my marathon time. Not just because of running style, but also being inspired to do more and go further. And the evidence is in finishing the Comrades and the Mozart100k.

I will be thinking of Macca’s (w)insight’s when I work in those hours prepping for my first Ironman.

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