Beginners luck on the Brick

Today was my first major brick workout and I consider myself lucky. I did something right and I am still trying to process it.

Currently I am following a 2 week intense workout followed by 1 week of active recovery. Today was my 1st intense multisport brick workout. I rested yesterday, except I sneaked in a 12k bike ride, but that was only to the bike shop for some optimizations and then of course I had to tested it out 🙂 I carbo loaded properly, had enough fluids and did not stay up too late.

This morning I met up with a mate and we went on a nice hilly 100k bike ride, in a time period of 4hours.

I fueled at 2 hours on 1/2 an energy bar and the rest between 3 and 4 hours. I also had 800ml ISOtonic and drank enough water. The last couple of km we pushed it a bit and then we did a nice cool down back home.

I racked and packed my bike, got changed into running attire and started my running session. It was 28 degrees Celsius by that time and I hydrated at my new found spots next to the route. See previous blog.

What surprises me was that I was able to get my running legs, it actually felt like the bike ride got them all loose and lubricated. My heart rate was definitely up, pity my battery ran out of juice in the strap and I was able to maintain a good pace, surprisingly.

What do I think happened. My assumptions

1) I was going into the run with an already good heart rate. No need to spend effort to get the blood flowing to the vital muscles. Its already there

2) I went into the run with my carbs topped up. Its not like my normal runs, where I roll out of bed and into the street. I actually took 1 x gel and ate the power bar and ISO on the bike

3) I hydrated properly. I stopped for water on the way and I drank on the bike before I got thirsty

I believe its a combination of the above that I will write down as a formula for next time and see if I can maintain it. I also need to push it on the bike a bit. I am still riding it to get comfortable and I need to break that habit.

I also managed a swim in the late afternoon but that was very easy relaxed and I spend more time on staying loose and focusing on technique. I think the cold water of the donau will also help with the muscles, its like taking an ice bath.

All in all a good day. Wrapped it up with Chinese Take-away and I am definitely going to crash well tonight.







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