The Road to Klagenfurt #project2013

The road to Klagenfurt is set. Next year I am participating in the Austrian Ironman. This will  be my big challenge for 2013. Doing the 3,8km swim, the 180k bike ride and a 42,2k run. The goal was hatched awhile ago. The destination had to change due to financial reasons, however. Brazil would have been nice, but the Florianopilis start-up fee at USD1’300 is just too high to justify.

For some reason I heard that it would be booked out really fast. I prepared myself to be the 1st one online (like queueing up in Chewbacca costume for a new release of Star Wars) and grad a registrations. I forced myself beyond my bed time and tried to stay up for as long as possible until the 00:00 mark on 3rd July. I received my registration … Awesome … but then realised I could have waited for the morning. It was only booked out after 13 hours. Oh well this way you learn. The next night though I packed in a good 8 plus hours sleep.

So the challenge is clear. I need to work through the winter for this one, which will be the hard part, but looking forward to it.

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