One arm butterfly flap

On the 6th I had my open water training. In summer this is awesome on the “Neue Donau”. Training plan consisted off

1) 5min warm-up with bilateral breathing on every 3 and 5 stroke

2) 8 x 120 strokes – 20 strokes breaststroke and 20 strokes freestyle, repeat up to 120 and rest. Start new set. Fixed my breaststroke technique. Moving much faster and more relaxed on the freestyle. Gliding longer, pulling harder and keeping good rhythm

3) 5 min one arm butterfly. This was a flop or a flap. Was not easy to get this exercise right. Need to relax more. Dive my head and arm more forward and bring my bum up. Need to practice this more. Used my fins

4) My favourite swimming style – backstroke. 20 strokes double arms + 20 strokes normal backstroke with rotation and side kicking. Up to 120 strokes and 8 sets

5) Vertical kicks with fins (much nicer) – 5×30 second butterfly and 5×30 second freestyle

6) 5 min cooldown with bilateral breathing and sighting every 9th stroke

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