Hot Tip: Bike shops are awesome

I recently bought a new bike. I will review her in a later post, because she is worth describing and awesome. I always had the notion that you can buy stuff online cheaper, but I never quantified the actual value you are getting from a bike shop, until now when I bought her.

Racing and Tri-bikes where a foreign concept to me and new territory. I did quit a bit of research on brands, fits and setup to get a feeling. I then went down to some bike shops to get a feeling for the tri-bikes. The 1st shop was a bit of a disaster, no one could really tell me the size I need, one said small the other guys said medium. Also getting on their showroom model was for them like touching the queens jewels and I should be uber careful. I gave them a pass.

2nd shop was awesome, the guys where spot on with size, models and consultation. I decided on them, asked them for a package deal, including helmet, shoes and pedals. They made me a great offer. But that is nothing.

When the bike arrived we did the fitting. Which went smoothly. Today I went back again with some minor changes which they adjusted and that is all part of the service package. I am super satisfied with them and how they treat you. It is really a personal experience and would always recommend to have shop to lean on if you are a serious biker.

The bike shop I refer to is in Nestroyplatz

Tomorrow morning will be a hard ride on the newly tuned fighter jet. Looking forward to it

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