Chasing the storm or visa versa

The clouds where thick in the sky as I left the office. Today is a brick day and I needed to work in both bike and run. I decided to keep it short on the bike.

I powered up on the Donau island, trying to ride away from the rain, but more worried about the thunderstorm looming. I was not looking forward to being fried by lightning. I managed to speed up on the downwind, which was awesome, but then I had to turn around. The ride back was towards the storm and directly into the wind. I selected a lower gear and battled the winds on my aerobars.

At the car I decided to not risk the run and drive home. I arrived home and it was still dry. Of course I racked and packed the bike, put on the faithful Newtons and worked in a very short fast run with some fartleks on the last stretch home.

Did not do the miles I wanted to, but at least sticked to the program, with more intensity

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