Break through Swim

Yesterday’s swimming was a Break through event. Not a BT training that I need to spend time recovering, but a BT on  technique. Somehow it just clicked and my coach is worried that I am kicking her ass. In a good way of course.

So what happened. I understand the technique to do rotation, swimming out of your shoulders and stretching. I even understand rhythm. But the gliding part was missing. Just keeping my hand stretched out in front of me for a few milliseconds longer. Wow it was a revelation. The rhythm slowed down, not being too aggressive and my kick became more prominent for those few milliseconds I am gliding. But then the best is that I apply so much power on the pull, which is conscious now and an awesome feeling.

Goal is now to really kick my coaches butt.

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2 Responses to Break through Swim

  1. tswitala says:

    Today I found a good article on the above mentioned blog

  2. tswitala says:

    Another good article Busting the 5 common swim faults

    1) Balance – head down
    2) Reach with straight arm – Lock elbows
    3) Overreach – don’t cross your nose, put it inline with your shoulder
    4) Lack of pause – not gliding
    5) Rotation of shoulder

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